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  1. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    Interesting option! Thanks for the heads-up. I'm using a Supermicro x11SSM-F what doens't like NTFS. I also have Intel serverboard, but I'm not sure if it likes NTFS or FAT32... Is there some bios setting so the Supermicro accept NTFS? Never searched for such a setting...
  2. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    I use a Supermicro server board. What do you use? Is the it a Supermicro issue?
  3. Hi, I noticed that after a copy action there is a lot of drive activity. Does Drivepool some magic on the background?
  4. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    I found a diffence between the USB sticks. The one that's boots, and works correct has a fat32 partition. The onther has a NTFS partition, and doesn't work. Not sure why a NTFS partition doesn't work.., something to do with the bios?
  5. I now have also seperated Plex from my Server Essentials 2016 install. I'm running Plex on a CentOS install toghter with Plexpy. I must admit my "IT" hobby is a bit out of hand. I also bought the book that Terry wrote about Essentials 2016. I do not own any book/documentation of server/essentials 2016 or older. So I thought it can't hurt to read some stuff about Server Essentials 2016.
  6. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    The "hack" worked! I now have running a trail of Server Essentials 2016. Migrating my hdd's to this new install was very easy. Till now Stablebit Drivepool is awesome. I'm very satisfied, and it seems to work well with the SMR drives.
  7. Yeah, indeed overpriced. Also a weak cpu. If you want to use Plex (transcoding) then you better of building a server. Going to download the trail. Thanks for information.
  8. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    Good to hear! If you download a copy of Windows 10 it will use the "Media Creation Tool". Maybe this tool is doing something differently as Rufus. I have no time to test USB issues this evening, but maybe tommorow or this weekend. It's indeed odd. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Drashna! Yeah, I'm going to try Essentials, but I have some USB creations problems (see my other post). That price was awesome, and one of the reasons I think it was populair. These days people are buying a Synology or a Qnap. I find 400 Euro a bit expensive especialy in a home situation. A price of 200 - 250 Euro seems beter to me. Also I must see if Terry has a E-book about Server Essentials 2016...
  10. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    Thank you for your time! Yeah, unRAID uses XFS as filesystem, and I have to re-format those drives to NTFS. Then I have to copy everything over to the new formated drives. A question arise will Stablebit support the REFS filesystem in the future? Re-installing Windows seems easy to do with these steps. I'm planning at the moment to install a trail of Server 2016 Essentials. Tried this evening but failed. I can't seem to make a correct bootable USB drive with a copy of Server 2016 Essentials. Tried Rufus, the Windows 7 USB tools and manually with diskpart. Windows 10 was not a problem. Weird! Edit: I must note that I find the Stablebit software products very interesting. I'm also checking the other software solutions (Cloud and Scanner). If I'm satified after my test I'm considering to buy the whole suite. For now I'm very satisfied.
  11. MvL

    Re-install Windows

    When I re-install Windows how is this working with Stablebit Drivepool drives? Can this be done safe? Edit: I some more questions: I have several drives I have to migrate from my unRAID server to my Windows 10 Server. I have a couple of drives with tv-shows which have the seasons on different drives. So there is the same tv-show on for expample 2 drives with season 1,2 on drive 1, and season 3,4 on drive 2. How handles Stablebit Drivepool this? Does the stablebit products run as a service on Windows 10? So no login?
  12. Hi Drashna, I rebooted the server today after work, and guess the issue is gone! Not sure why now the issue resolve it self, and yesterday not. Maybe you can explain. Thanks for your input! You also helped me a couple of times on the We Got Served Forums. I'm a old Windows Home Server beta tester, but got disapoined in Microsoft after killing WHS and the release of Windows 8. I'm considering coming back to Windows after several Linux years. I have now a install of Windows 10 on a server. I think Stablebit is a interesting solution for SMR drives. I have 7 Seagate Archive drives. Also considering to try a server version of Windows, but the biggest issue I find it a bit expensive.
  13. Thank you for the reply. I rebooted several times yesterday. It didn't resolve the issue.
  14. Hi, I'm in a testing phase at the moment, and I encountered a issue. When I go to my disk management cosole then I see a unallocated drive disk/pool. Also when accessing the disk management console I recieve a pop-up to inizialize this disk/pool. I'm certain it's showing a pool because it's 24 TB large. When I open Stablebit DrivePool I have the possibility to add a CoveCubeCoveFs disk. When I do this one of my pools disappear. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm not familiar with this software yet. So it seems a good idea to me to ask for some help. If you need some more information please let me know... Edit: I made 2 screenshots. Do you see twice disk 8 in the disk management console and the COVECUBECoveFs Pool/disk to add?
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