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File/Folder Placement


Is there anyway to setup rules that will use the folder name for placement? I have a pool that only has tv shows on it and I would prefer to not have to setup a rule for each show. The way it is now, I have to select each folder and specify the drive i want it on. I want to be able to have all shows beginning with A-C on a drive, then D-F on another. I tried making a custom rule but it didn't work.


I also use Plex Media Server, I've searched and learned that because it uses hard links the artwork won't show up. I then searched some more and found a post by Alex that said his artwork shows up in Plex even with the Plex data stored on a pool.


Edit: I guess I didn't read it correctly, he does not have his Plex data on the pool.

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I'll answer the last part first:

Plex Media Server uses hardlinks to crosslink the image files, rather than using a database to do this. While I understand why (NTFS is a database after all), it means that we can't support the Plex database being on the pool (i can go into the more technical reasons why, but basically it would be REALLY hard to implement hardlinks on the pool).



As for the placement rules, I suspect that you can, but I'm not sure. I've flagged Alex (the developer) who will have a definitive answer about this.

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You can't set up a single rule that would work over a range of letters like that, but you can set up multiple rules, one for each letter. This would be simpler than creating an individual rule for each folder.


For example:

  • Pattern \TV Shows\A*
    • ​D:\
  • ​Pattern \TV Shows\B*
    • D:\
  • Pattern: \TV Shows\C*
    • D:\
  • Pattern: \TV Shows\D*
    • E:\
  • Pattern: \TV Shows\E*
    • ​E:\
  • Pattern: \TV Shows\F*
    • ​E:\

Setting up rules like that under the File Placement -> Rules tab I think should work for what you're trying to achieve.


We've talked before about having more complex rules that involve regular expressions, but that would be complicated to implement and involve additional real-time overhead.

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