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  1. You need to show hidden files and move the files into the poolpart folder.
  2. weezywee

    Feature Requests

    Importing/Exporting of file placement rules Select All/Deselect All for drives in the file placement rules (I know that one drive has to be selected so Deselect All could just keep the first drive selected) If this next one were to be implemented, I wouldn't have a need for the first two features. I would like to be able to select a directory level and tell DrivePool to keep the contents of the folders on the same drive. TV Shows -----24 -----Cheers -----Dexter Instead of me creating rules to place everything, I want to just select TV Shows and say, go 1 level down and make sure to keep all those files on the same drive. So all of 24 would be on one drive and all of Cheers and Dexter would be on other drives. I don't care that the shows are on different drives but I want all episodes of each show together. If I wasn't clear enough on this last one, let me know and I'll try to explain what I mean more clearly.
  3. I read in the change log that Scanner can be installed in both the dashboard and as the regular desktop program. When I install one, the other stops working. I installed the .exe but SCANNER disappeared from my dashboard but was still listed under the applications tab. Then if I tried to install the .wssx, it would say its already installed. So what I did was, uninstalled scanner from the dashboard and from add/remove programs. After that, I am able to reinstall the .wssx file and it shows in the dashboard as expected. Then I install the .exe so I can have the desktop app too, but the install only takes about 1 second like it didn't really do anything but it says that it completed. No Start shortcut is made and when I go to the program folder with the scanner ui, the .exe file doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? I'm using Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials with all of the latest updates.
  4. weezywee

    Hardlink support

    Symbolic links won't add any files so your free space will be 80GB.
  5. The remote control feature just stopped working, it worked fine for a long time then suddenly stopped. I also tried the remote control from the new version of Scanner and its not working either. I'm pretty sure nothing changed on my network. Any suggestions? Where are the DP settings stored? I just want to save a copy of my placement rules in another location. And if this isn't possible, what about a feature to export/import the placement rules?
  6. I have about 100 rules setup to place my files. The file placement rules are the best thing since sliced bread. I have 72 rules just for my tv shows. \ServerFolders\Videos\TV Shows\The A* \ServerFolders\Videos\TV Shows\A* I have these 2 rules setup for every number and letter. These rules make sure that shows like The Americans (2013) don't get placed on the drive for shows beginning with T.
  7. You can get your desired effect easily if you setup some rules. Make a rule that forces all files to goto your G drive. To do this, you make a custom rule that looks like this: \* Then click on the rule and only have G selected. You'll also need to go back to your balancer settings and make sure that duplicated and unduplicated are check for all 3 drives. What this rule does is tell DP that you want every file placed in the pool to be stored on G and because you have duplication on, it will make a copy of the file on either E or F. I just realized with this setup you will have unduplicated files on G also, but to remedy that just make a custom rule for each folder. If you want, we can use TeamSpeak to figure out the best way.
  8. It's because you have Data1 set for only unduplicated files. Your settings are telling DrivePool that you only want duplicated files on Data3 but the files are duplicated so they have to go somewhere and that's why your pool isn't "balanced". You can't think of the duplicated files as a second copy, it just means that a file is duplicated and should have 2 copies at all times, not that the specific file on Data3 is a duplicate of some file. To fix your issue, set Data1 to have duplicated and unduplicated files so you just need to check the duplicated box. You might have to remeasure afterwards.
  9. Is there anyway to setup rules that will use the folder name for placement? I have a pool that only has tv shows on it and I would prefer to not have to setup a rule for each show. The way it is now, I have to select each folder and specify the drive i want it on. I want to be able to have all shows beginning with A-C on a drive, then D-F on another. I tried making a custom rule but it didn't work. I also use Plex Media Server, I've searched and learned that because it uses hard links the artwork won't show up. I then searched some more and found a post by Alex that said his artwork shows up in Plex even with the Plex data stored on a pool. Edit: I guess I didn't read it correctly, he does not have his Plex data on the pool.
  10. Adding parity support would defeat the purpose of of DrivePool. This product is meant to be simple and easy, just pop drives in for more storage and remove them if they are damaged. You can take them out of the pool and put them in any machine that supports NTFS, you wouldn't be able to do this if there were parity data. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but if you want parity, use raid 5 or 6.
  11. weezywee

    PoolPart Folders

    I changed some settings and some files were moved to a different drive but the folder remained and I want to delete the empty folder. Is it safe to delete empty folders in within the PoolPart folders?
  12. I just want to get an idea of what everyone is using. I have been using the default settings but I don't like the idea of my music albums and tv shows split across multiple drives. I thought about using the Ordered File Placement plugin so that groups are files are likely to be placed on the same drive. Since my entire pool is duplicated, does that mean that the first 2 drives in the list will be filled? New files will be placed on drive 1 and they will all be duplicated on drive 2, then once drive 1 is full (also filling drive 2) it will start placing new files on drive 3 and duplicate them on drive 4. I just want to understand how it will fill the disk so if anyone can provide any information or conformation, I would appreciate it.
  13. Case: Norco RPC-4224 Motherboard: Supermicro X9SAE-V CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245V2 RAM: 32GB Kingston OS Drive: 60GB Intel 330 Series SSD VM Drive: 240GB Intel 330 Series SSD OS Backup Drive: 250GB WD HBA & SAS Expander: M1015(flashed to LSI 9211-8i) & HP SAS Expander Storage Pool: 7 3TB WD, 6 Green & 1 Red I have my entire pool duplicated and I'm currently using about 13.5TB, I just add drives as I need more storage. I've started buying WD Reds instead of greens and I used WDIdle on the green drives to change the head parking from 8 seconds to 5 minutes.
  14. Another thing I noticed on both of my machines running DrivePool is that the performance UI does not show file performance. Do the drives have to have letters assigned to them, currently I have them mounted to folders.
  15. I'm using the .260 Beta and I don't get the option to balance my pool and it doesn't seem to auto balance. The install is default, I have 4 4TB drives in the pool but one was added yesterday and the data is not being distributed evenly across the 4 disks. 2 drives have ~2.65TB, 1 has ~1.5TB and 1 has ~3GB. When I added the third drive, I was able to make it balance after it was added to the pool.
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