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dropbox keeps dropping connection and requiring re-authorization, whats that about?


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i just ended up taking this opportunity of learning all the stablebit softwares and setting up snapraid etc to rip the bandaid and after 5 or so years running and a proclamation to never do so, reformat my pc and upgrade to 11. 

to be fair, i was pushed over the edge by permissions issues with adobe that i simply could not resolve.  still bugs me, and scares me it could crop up again but i digress. 

back to the point, Ive kept 2FA disabled so i'm going to reconnect on 11, and let it sit for awhile.  If it all checks out i'll re enable 2FA and repeat.  should it crop back up i'll post a ticket instead of posting here.

2FA should pose no issue for it then?  on any of the providers for that matter?

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Thank you for reply.

I am having errors on logs concerning token refresh.Probably disconnecting issue is related with this.

[OAuth2TokenBase:5932532] Cannot refresh token, not enough information.    2022-04-01 03:50:24Z    1935788652091

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