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Upgrade question



I am currently running:

Windows Home Server 2011
StableBit Scanner v2.4.0.2929
StableBit DrivePool v1.3.6.7585

With 4 6TB drives in the pool.


I am going to rebuild my server and just use Win10 as the OS.




1. Will my current key work for the new versions or will I need to purchase again?

2. After installing the new versions after I plug in the 4 HDs will they just automatically be recognized and usable?


Thank you

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As umfriend says,  deactivate the license on WHS2011, then install the latest version on the new machine.  Enter the old license key and voila.  Install the drives in the new machine and they'll be recognised.  I've done this at least a dozen times over the last decade or so and DP has never yet failed to recognise a pool transplanted from one machine to the next.

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