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Best way to replace a drive in my Drivepool to a larger drive?



I currenting have a 6TB hard drive as part of a 8 drive Drivepool. I have a new 16Tb hard drive I want to swap in place of the 6TB drive and remove the 6TB drive from the machine. What us easiest way to do this? Can I justĀ  copy the Drive pool folder to the new 16TB drive? I thought about using drive cloning software and clone the 6TB to the new 16TB drive but I wasn't sure if Stablebit would recognize the new drive as part of the pool when I swapped it in place of the 6TB drive.

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AFAIK, copying, even cloning does not work.

The easiest way is:
1. Install/connect new HDD
2. Add HDD to the Pool
3. And now you can either click on Remove for the 6TB HDD or use Manage Pool -> Balancing -> Balancers -> Drive Usage Limiter -> uncheck Duplicated and Unduplicated -> Save -> Remeasure and Rebalance.
4. Wait. Until. It. Is. Done. (though you can reboot normally if you want/need to and it'll continue after boot. Not entirely sure if you go the Remove route.

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