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  1. How do I install the Plug-in? I don't see a download link on Plug-in page other than notes. And once I download it where does it go?
  2. OK I am trying to enable this plug-in but not seeing it in the Balancers tab. Do I have to download the plug in and put it somewhere?
  3. I currenting have a 6TB hard drive as part of a 8 drive Drivepool. I have a new 16Tb hard drive I want to swap in place of the 6TB drive and remove the 6TB drive from the machine. What us easiest way to do this? Can I just copy the Drive pool folder to the new 16TB drive? I thought about using drive cloning software and clone the 6TB to the new 16TB drive but I wasn't sure if Stablebit would recognize the new drive as part of the pool when I swapped it in place of the 6TB drive.
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