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  1. Ah yes, I meant to mention BlueIris. I run it at my mother-in-law's house on an old Dell T20 that I upgraded from it's G3220 to a E3-1275v3. It's running a basic install of Windows 10 Pro. I'm using QuickSync to decode the video coming from my 3 HikVision cameras. Before I used QS, it was sitting at about 60% CPU use. With QS I'm seeing 16% CPU at the moment, and also a 10% saving on power consumption. I have 3 HikVision cameras, two are 4MP and one is 5MP, and are all running at their maximum resolution. I record 24/7 on to an 8TB WD Purple drive, with events turned on. QuickSync also seems to be used for transcoding video that's accessed by the BlueIris app (can highly recommend the app, it's basically the only way we access the system apart from some admin on the server's console). Considering Quicksync has improved greatly in recent CPUs (basically Skylake or newer), you should have no problems with an i7-8700K. I get great performance from a creaky old Haswell.
  2. I've had no problem with QuickSync in Plex. Tested with 4 streams on a Celeron N3160 (which is a 4W CPU), and I don't have enough devices to even get close to the limit of my i5-6500T server.
  3. To be fair, unless you're really picky about quality, QuickSync hardware transcoding is the way forward with both Emby and Plex. Unless you're looking at the transcoded video on a 22" computer monitor, or a 50" TV, I really doubt you'd notice the difference. You won't notice on a mobile phone or tablet. QNAP and Synology (with Intel chips) both support hardware transcoding. I have a QNAP 453BMini here and I've had 4 1080p transcodes going off it using Plex, and it was only using 40% CPU.
  4. Just a word of warning - not all NVMe drives behave the same as regards SMART. During the unRAID development process, the beta testers (me included) did a lot of work regarding NVMe - for example the Samsung SM961 gives totally different readings compared to the Samsung 950 Pro, Intel's 600p something different, and my really odd-ball ADATA SX8000 gave something different again.
  5. FWIW, the Meltdown patch in Windows hosed two of my machines (both had NVMe boot drives). Other SATA based machines were fine. Both that blew up were uncerimoniously reinstalled with Windows 8.1 Pro. F88k Windows 10.
  6. Every Win10 upgrade removes my mother's PC's scanner drivers. Every. Damned. Time. So, it's not just Stablebit that have the problem, it happens to Epson too.
  7. HellDiverUK

    Remote Access

    If you're using a laptop "outside", then you could set up OpenVPN on your server (or if you have a decent router, on that). Connect to the VPN and you can work as if you're at home. I do this from work - I have OpenVPN running on my Asus router, and connect in. I can access everything across the VPN. As the VPN data is compressed, it's pretty quick.
  8. Just for completeness for anyone coming across this thread, the Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8 works fine in Windows 10, passes SMART and allows spin down. It's a good card, I have had great success with mine.
  9. Folks, Running DrivePool with the following drives: 1xWD50EFRX, 1x WD80EFZX, 1xWD80EZZX. OS is Server 2012R2. Drivepool only handles TV shows, music and movies. For some reason, even though the server isn't used much, it doesn't seem to spin down the drives. Ever. If I put the same data on a Storage Spaces simple pool, drives will spin down OK. Any reason why DrivePool is forcing the drives to run 24/7? Is there any way to log what's happening?
  10. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1820-ssd-optimizer-idiots-guide/
  11. I've struggled. I've read all the posts. I'm still stuck. I have: 2x 4TB HDD 2x 1TB HDD 1x 180GB SSD I want: The 2x 4TB to hold my media files, no duplication but have SSD cache The 2x 1TB to hold my documents, pictures, etc with 2 way duplication and no SSD cache How? Can someone give me an idiot's guide?
  12. Aye, I realised what you meant after I posted, so I edited.
  13. Will do. Quick question, do I just set up my file placement rules as normal now?
  14. It's working, a reboot, an uninstall, another reboot and it worked.
  15. I've tried both the x86 and x64 versions, DrivePool is the x64 version, as is Win 10 Pro. I also tried the "run as previous version of Windows" thing in the compatibility settings.
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