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  1. again, thank everyone. this is why a read alot before purchase... some people say these HP expanders run with 6Tb, 8Tb drives, others say no. @Drashna: nice card this RES3TV360, but is too much for my needs. Well I have 3 sata ports to use, I can expand 3 hdds, so I will need more only in 2018. thank!
  2. Hello Thank everyone for the advices. After some months of research, I purchased one Adaptec HBA 1000-8i, this is a 12Gb SAS card with 8 port. This card arrived today and is running now on my PLEX server with drivepool + snapraid. This card have native windows 10 drivers, no issues to install, easy firmware update - im very satisfied. Now Im looking for a SAS Expander - I saw the HP SAS Expander 24 port, really low cost (30 - 40 US dollars on ebay) - this will be my next buy. For now I have 8 port on SAS card and 6 port on motherboard - with the SAS expander I can full my LIAN LI PCD8000. Thank Alvaro
  3. Hello, I need add a 8 port sata card on my plex server, im using Windows 10. I looked at Supermicro card, but the product page dont say anything about Windows 10 drivers. Anyone know a stable 8 port sata card, compatible with Windows 10 and with SMART support and allow drives save energy (stand by)? Im using StableBit DrivePool and Scanner. I dont need RAID, just HBA. I know about the M1015 cards and similars with same chip, but these card need firmware crossflash and I do not want to stay depending on whether an update works or not, I prefer a solution plug-and-play. Any advice? Thank
  4. I downloaded the StableBit Scanner, will purschase very soon! another great software. Thank. Alvaro
  5. Hello, Im a new user of Stablebit Drivepool - I come from FlexRaid, and I droped FlexRaid because the license is tied to the hardware... so when I build this new home server, my FlexRaid license cant be used on the new system - well, I dont like this because on the last 5 years I upgraded my home server a lot of times. This change was a good step because I found Stablebit Drivepool and this amazing software give me more control over the pool. I use my home server for media streaming, using PlexApp. My wireless network is 802.11ac and with this server I can stream full hd content to 4 devices at same time with no lag. Here we use PCs, Roku's and iPad as client of PlexApp. I build this new server last week: Case Lian Li PC-D-8000 Board ASUS Z87-A Intel Core i5 4440 - stock fan 4Gb RAM Power Supply Corsair CS750M nVidia GeForce 210 WiFi PCI-E ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Operating system disk Western Digital Blue 1Tb SATA 6Gb LG Blu-Ray Burner 6 x Corsair Air Series AF120-LED 120mm Quiet Edition High Airflow LED Fan RED (sides) 4 x Fractal Design 120mm FANS (rear) AsRock Sata Card 2 Ports (with this card I have 8 sata ports on server) At this moment the server have 5 x 3Tb Western Digital Green - WD30EZRX - but I lost the trust on this model. From the 5 HDDs, the first one arrive dead - dont pass on SMART self test. After 5 months a second hdd show problems on read data and failure on SMART self test. Five HDDs, 2 failures in 5 months. Last failure was 3 days ago - and StableBit DrivePool help me alot! I just removed the disk from pool and DrivePool evacute all data to another disk - good feature. Next month, I will replace the greens for 8 x 4Tb Western Digital RED. Im holding this upgrade, maybe the prices drop with the new 6Tbs HDDs coming. I dont take pictures of all hardware and inside the case - but have pictures of my system: More pictures on gallery: http://postimg.org/gallery/1s3m38am/ Thank Stablebit for the great software! Alvaro - Portugal
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