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  1. So I've recently switched from a desktop setup with 3x 8TB HDDs storage and 1x 128GB SSD cache, to a laptop + eGPU setup with the same four drives in an external enclosure connected to the eGPU. Laptop is connected to eGPU through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable for charging and data, and the enclosure is connected to the USB-C port on the graphics card. Every time I shut down and turn on my laptop, or if I disconnect the TB3 cable and plug it back in (so basically every day after coming home from work), Drivepool starts measuring my entire 22TB pool from scratch, so I just have to wait until it's done (and it takes minutes). I understand that this is a safer approach because Drivepool doesn't know if the contents of the pool have changed from the last time it was "in touch", but in my case nothing else ever interacts with the drives; they're permanently plugged into the eGPU, which only connects to this laptop. Is there an option to disable this measuring every time I connect the TB3 cable? If not I may have to find another backup / pooling solution. Which sucks because I love Drivepool and the way I have it set up to distribute my essential files over three drives.
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