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Hi everyone, just started using stablebit scanner maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm trying to understand how the balancing works. I have recently (maybe a week ago) added 2 disk and as you can see from my screenshots the disks are nearly empty. I haven't changed anything with the balancing (everything is at the default). As you can tell from the screenshots the drives don't look very balanced. I also have the drive scanner running and all my disk are fine. 







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This is very normal if you haven't really added any files to the pool since adding the disk.


The reason for this is that DrivePool tends to add new files to the disks with the most free space by default. If you haven't added any, and none of the other balancers placement settings have been "violated", it's not going to fill the new disks.


However, if you really do want your data to be forcibly spread out between the disks, then you may want to install the "Disk Space Equalizer" balancer plugin. This balancer plugin does exactly what it sounds like it does.


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