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    Thanks, Drashna. I might ask in a year or so to see if the status has changed any but for now i, of course, will go with your recommendation.
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    Hi Everyone. This question really applies to both Stablebit Scanner & DrivePool but I had to pick a spot where to post it :P. Is there really any reason, as far as your products are concerned, to keep formatting drives with NTFS instead of ReFS? Of course, ReFS has some nice advantages but i'm going to stick with what you recommend. Up to this point, all my drives have been formatted with NTFS. I'm assuming that some drives being NTFS & some drives being ReFS won't be an issue either. I know there are some limitations with stablebit scanner being able to fix corruption but with that being said would that make you stick with NTFS? thanks...
  3. Sorry guys for the delay in replying but i just wanted to say i appreciate all the help
  4. Hi, everyone. I just got a warning from stabilebit scanner that my reallocated sector count has got worse. I got a warning sometime back that the drive has some reallocated sectors and I just told stablebit to let me know if the count got worse. Now I got another warning they hate have in fact got worse. I have two of the same type of drive and they both have reallocated sectors. The drive type is Seagate 1.5 TB (ST31500341AS). There were all kinds of problems with these drives when Seagate released them (only time in my life when i had to update the firmware on a hard drive). I ended up having to get them both replaced under warranty but haven't had any issues with them other than when I first started using stablebit scanner that I was telling me both drives had reallocated sectors. Unfortunately i don't remember what was the previous reallocated sector count. Here is the email: ATA ST31500341AS SCSI Disk Device - 1 warnings There are currently 36 reallocated sectors on the hard disk. A reallocated sector is created when a sector cannot be read or written to. In such a case, the next time the sector is written to it is swapped in for a good one from the spare sector pool. Having reallocated sectors decrease read/write performance and indicates drive trouble. Realize the drive is not under warranty anymore. I'm not in a habit of throwing drives away. Would you just tell stablebit again to tell just tell me if things get worse? Is there any general rule on the # of reallocated sectors when you need to get rid of the drive? thanks, Brent
  5. ncage

    Issues removing a drive

    Thanks Drashna that worked. I finished up everything today and all is good. I do have a few followup questions though. 1. In general i'm don't mind running beta software but we are talking my precious data here so understandably i'm a little concerned. Can you give me a little reassurance that the beta is solid? 2. Will it be that long before the "release" version of drivepool comes out? Will i be notified (like usual) that a new version exists and asked to download? thanks, Brent
  6. So the specific drive i'm trying to remove is a good drive. I've removed other drives in the process (and added them back) and i haven't had any issues. I've tried to reboot several times but that hasn't fixed my issue. Generally the 1st time i try to remove the drive i will get the error in the attachment. If i try again (until i reboot) i will get the following error "Error Removing Drive - The process cannot access the file because its being used by another process". Generally when i try to remove the drive i have chosen "Duplicate files later" option. I of course don't want to check the "Force damaged drive removal" since its not a damaged drive and i don't want to loose data. I have tried without selecting the "duplicate files later" option but it still fails. Info: Stablebit DrivePool version Windows 10 Creators Update x64 Enterprise
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    Ok thanks for the info.....
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    Hi everyone, just started using stablebit scanner maybe 3 weeks ago. I'm trying to understand how the balancing works. I have recently (maybe a week ago) added 2 disk and as you can see from my screenshots the disks are nearly empty. I haven't changed anything with the balancing (everything is at the default). As you can tell from the screenshots the drives don't look very balanced. I also have the drive scanner running and all my disk are fine. thanks...
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