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Advice on HBA card


So, thanks to this forum I got me an IBM M1015 (actually, a Dell H310, same difference) that is working out great for quite a few years now.

But now I am wondering whether there is a 4/16-port SAS/SATA card with a wider and more recent PCIe bus that works well as an HBA and is cheap 2nd hand. Basically, is there an improved alternative to the IBM M1015 with a relatively similar value for money?

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LSI 9707-8E or 8I depending on which flavor you need. equivalent card but it's PCIE 3.0 instead of 2.0. although it is only two port like your M1015/H310. the LSI 9206-16E is four port, haven't seen a HBA/Raid much past a four port.

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9207-8(i or e) sas2 pcie 3 is great for low amount of use. These are cheap (IT mode). A cheap intel sas2 expander gets a system off to a good start.

Later on when usage ramps up then:-

9300 or 9305 sas3 keeps the controller cooler, and doesnt bottleneck so easy with alot of drives. These arnt cheap, but can be found for reasonable prices.

Eventually backup to tape(rather than cheap mirrors) gets important:-

Hardware raid-6 sas3. These are the definition of very expensive, but do keep a tape drive sustained fed at 300mb/sec(raid 6 part of pool) while plex is reading 50gb mkv files for chapter thumbnail task(jbod mirror part of pool). A 9440-8i(sas drives only with T10-PI) with sas3 expander is a wonderful thing in action.

Also avoid cheap chinese knock-offs. It amuses me how people spend thousands of pounds on cheap drives, and refuse to pay £300 for the controller.

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