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Duplication Warnings, The file or directory is corrupted



Alright, been searching and trying to resolve with no luck so its time to ask for help!

I tried some DCPMD commands, reset duplication cache, check pool fileparts (Lots of red items, I may have had this going on longer than I was aware)

But cannot clear the warnings/bad files. Any thoughts or directions to look?



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If you're getting ongoing file/directory corruption, that could indicate physical problems with your hardware. You might wish to make sure you have intact backups as well as use Stablebit Scanner or another SMART/diagnostic tool to check the disks in your pool.

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On 4/26/2021 at 7:07 PM, firebretha said:

Any thoughts or directions to look?

Shortly after I switched over to DrivePool, I had a number of old pool drives that started to die on me. I was getting those random corrupt files and then my drive would just die. The drive monitoring programs, like Stablebit Scanner, or Hard Disk Sentinel which I use, only provide so much protection. I replaced all those failing drives, and so far, my problems have gone away.

However, some of the lessons I learned during that period may be of use to you. First of all, for as good as DrivePool is, it does not tell you if the file has been corrupted. My first clue to corrupt files is when they failed to read off the drive. Too late by then, which I imagine is what you are dealing with also.

Second, although you can set any or all directories to be duplicated, DrivePool itself does not verify if any of the copies are not corrupted. In theory, you could have a corrupted file and DrivePool will just duplicate it. Who needs a copy of a corrupted file? From what I understand, if DrivePool sees a difference in the copies, it will ask you if you want to delete the older versioin. But that may, or may not be, the corrupted file.

I know some people use SNAPRaid to provide parity checks on their DrivePool, and that appears to be a step forward in data recovery. But again, if your original file was incomplete or corrupt, you would only be restoring the bad files from the parity checks in SNAPRaid.

Considering all of this, I ended up using QuickPar and MultiPar to create 10% par files to verify and recover my directories. It is an added step and takes time, but the advantage is that I am able to verify if my directory files are all intact and complete, and if not, with 10% recovery files, I am able to recover from most problems. If I had any critical files to protect, I would maybe use 50% or more par recovery files. But I mainly use DrivePool as my home media storage center and my files are backed up offline and not very critical if I should lose them in DrivePool. There is an option to create an index only file with MultiPar and QuickPar, and that is only good for verifying if the files are still intact. But the index file has no recovery blocks. 

QuickPar and MultiPar are good for verification and recovery on a directory level, like maybe to verify all the tracks of the music album are intact, but I have not been able to figure out how/if I could use these programs on a drive or pool level basis. So, it's not my ideal solution. But if works better for me than the other options I have tried.


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