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Is there a way to add only small files to a specific drive?


Hey, so I have a 10 disk HDD pool with 2 parity and SnapRAID and I'm considering adding an SSD and wondering if I can set DrivePool up somehow so that it'd put all tiny files the pool recieves to the SSD? Like everything under <100KB going to the SSD and the rest to the HDDs and obviously don't fill the SSD with big files.


I have tons of small files that are a pain to work with on HDDs but I don't really want to manually put small files to the SSD.


If it can't be done as is, would a plugin be able to do this? Basically if a file is smaller than a set amount it would go to the specific drive (if it has enough space) and the rest of the files going to the least filled disk as is the default case.

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6 hours ago, Tarh said:

I have tons of small files that are a pain to work with on HDDs but I don't really want to manually put small files to the SSD.

What kind of small files are you working with? Are they small program files, or some kind of temp working files? If they are small temp working files, you could maybe set the program's temp directory to your SSD.

I have tons of small .mid .kar, .gp4, .idx, and drum beat files from older programs I used back in the day. I would not say they are hard to work with on my HDDs, but they waste lots of space on the drive given the large allocation block size of the formatted drive and the tiny file sitting in each block.

There are programs that would allow you to search and find all your small files, and move them to a specific drive or folder, but I don't know of any programs that do that automatically.

Maybe you could explain more on why you think you need those small files stored on your SSD? I only want to use my SSD for files that I am currently using, for temp directories, or for files that I use so often that it makes sense to have them stored on the SSD instead of an archive HDD. But that has nothing to do with the file size itself.


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