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Drive Letter.....



For A LONG Time.  Stablebit allowed you to add/remove/use a drive with no letter designation.  Worked great with windows 7.  Only when I moved to Windows 10 Pro did the problems start to compound.  I have now established that Stablebit is UNstable unless it had a Drive designation on all drives in the pool.  This has limited me to the limitations once again.

With 8 TB and 4 TB drives.  When one goes offline for a unknown reason, I feel as this is not a nice thing.  I have assigned ALL drives and partitions and I am out of letters.

I can only hope someone in the forum can fix this because Storage spaces sucks and I am out of options.  I have to remove all duplicating  partitions on the drives

Lucky this only affected 1 drive but it still sucks.

I don't feel angry towards Chris because he has worked on this for a long time and got it right.  Since I have bought the license, I have seen Cloud services get promoted so much that now I had to give up all those months of uploading to servers to only be told I had to pay a small fortune to keep it.  I do praise his inception of Cloud storage because I can say without a doubt that NO ONE can decrypt my files.  They can have the files.  They can KMA.

For anyone interested.  The problem started when a small power drop caused the system to go offline all at once.  My battery backup kept the system from crashing and I did a controlled shutdown.  My only guess is that when the internet went down.  The system was unpacking a file or was connected to a cloud service.  The only drive that went offline with no partitions was the one I was saving the files to at the time.

Nope no log file to pass on so I'm sorry.


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DrivePool doesn't care about assigned letters, it uses hardware identifiers. I've personally used only folder mounts since 2014 via diskmgmt.msc, across most modern Windows systems without issues.

Drives "going offline for unknown reason" must be related to something else in your environment.


Drive letters are inherently not reliable. The registry key MountedDevices under HKLM that's responsible for keeping track can become confused at random unknown drive related events, even to the point where you can't even boot the system properly. Doesn't need stablebit software for this to happen. Certain system updates mess around with the ESP partition for reboot-continuation purposes and may actually cause this if disturbed by anything during its process.

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