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How to Recognize Resized (Expanded) Drive/Partition?



I've got an iSCSI drive that was expanded from 3TB to 4TB. I've resized the NTFS partition to match. DrivePool is not recognizing the new size, however. Is there a trick to get this to re-index the drive size? I did see a suggestion elsewhere in the forum but I'm hoping there's a solution without having to remove, transfer all data off, re-add, and transfer all data back... It's several TBs of data, so it would add significant delay to an already full DrivePool.


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See attached, no such luck... Screenshot taken right after the re-measure completed.

You'd think that'd work and trigger some re-check/correction of the [METADATA], but no. I'm guessing this functionality is not too terribly hard (which might be a big assumption), just that it's uncommon enough perhaps it just went unimplemented unfortunately.

Still looking for any possible answers. I'm actually at a capacity I cannot afford to remove this drive, so stuck in gridlock :(


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It's not due to DrivePool. Notice that the "Capacity" column in Windows Disk Management is still reporting 3071.98 GB; the volume's file system was not properly updated by the utility that resized the partition.

Assuming that's all that it didn't do properly (if not, hopefully you have backups) you can try the following fix:

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator
  2. Enter the command "DISKPART"
  3. Enter the command "LIST VOLUME"
  4. Enter the command "SELECT VOLUME #" where "#" is replaced with the relevant volume number
  5. Enter the command "EXTEND FILESYSTEM"
  6. Enter the command "EXIT"
  7. Close the Command Prompt.

You might then need to restart/remeasure DrivePool for it to see the corrected file system.

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