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  1. Nailed it, thank you! Things immediately showed the correct size after using DISKPART. My guess is when I resized the partition using Disk Management, for some reason it didn't resize the filesystem along with it. Maybe it was too busy? DrivePool rules!
  2. See attached, no such luck... Screenshot taken right after the re-measure completed. You'd think that'd work and trigger some re-check/correction of the [METADATA], but no. I'm guessing this functionality is not too terribly hard (which might be a big assumption), just that it's uncommon enough perhaps it just went unimplemented unfortunately. Still looking for any possible answers. I'm actually at a capacity I cannot afford to remove this drive, so stuck in gridlock
  3. I've got an iSCSI drive that was expanded from 3TB to 4TB. I've resized the NTFS partition to match. DrivePool is not recognizing the new size, however. Is there a trick to get this to re-index the drive size? I did see a suggestion elsewhere in the forum but I'm hoping there's a solution without having to remove, transfer all data off, re-add, and transfer all data back... It's several TBs of data, so it would add significant delay to an already full DrivePool. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have an exceptionally (unacceptably) slow CloudDrive (I know this is the wrong product, not looking for a solution here, bear with me). For the sake of argument, we could also consider this to be an extremely slow drive in general. I'd like to remove it, but it has a lot of data (3TB+) so it's going to take a *very* long time. Which I can wait but I'd rather not. Assuming all data on it has been properly duplicated (the All-In-One Plug-in has the drive set to "Duplicated" data only), what is the fastest way to re-duplicate the data to other drives in order to remove the
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