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Is the read rate high enough for 4k UHD movies?


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I'd say yes, depending on how your pool's hooked up. For example mine is all internal SATA drives, I can read off them at over 90 MB/sec, sometimes as high as 180 MB/sec depending on which drive and where on the drive the actual file is, but streaming anything over my wifi tends to sustain about 45 MB/sec at most even if I'm not sharing it with anyone else at the time.

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20 hours ago, jamieuk147 said:

Is there enough read rate and hopefully slowdown for streaming large files via Plex?

I have an Amazon 1080p Fire TV Stick streaming data via wifi and it will buffer with files ~15GB+ at 1080p. In my case, the issue is not the read speed of DrivePool drives, it is with the wifi and Fire TV stick limitations. With my external USB HDDs in my DrivePool, I get about 90-100 MB/sec read speed directly from my external USB 3.0 pool drive to my internal HDD. I would think that is what I could expect to get streaming directly from my computer to a TV.

How fast of a sustained transfer speed do you need for 4K files?

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