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Bad Sector Keep?


So one of my scans with Scanner found 32 sectors that are bad and can't be remapped, so DrivePool started evacuating the drive.  Scanner continued on and is finding no more after it... I'm assuming one of my kids or dog or something bumped into my one desk while data was being written.  I don't have enough space in the pool to evacuate all the data, so it's kinda given up.  Is there a way to tell it to keep the drive in the pool and write data to it (since it's 100% full now...don't exactly want to buy a new 8 TiB drive) just like always, just knowing that sector is bad?  Or will it pull it back into a "valid" state after the scan 100% finishes the drive?

Also, if it DOES do that, will it know the copies on the other drives are the "real" copies and to not use these "corrupted" copies for replication later?

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When Scanner completes its scan, it will have an option to show you which files have been damaged and give you the option to attempt recovery: https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=File Recovery - please read through it carefully.

You can tell Scanner to ignore the current SMART warning (if any) for a particular drive, which should(?) mean it doesn't pass that warning on to DrivePool.

You can tell the Scanner balancer plugin in DrivePool to not move files out of damaged drives and/or not move files out of drives with SMART warnings (File evacuation section), and/or to still allow files to be kept on an evacuated drive if the other drives are too full (Evacuation options section).

I know that if a drive is being removed (or evacuated, presumably?) then per the manual, duplication is done from the existing copies on other drives. But if you're telling it "hey this drive is okay to keep using despite the damage"... I don't know. Personally I'd be getting a new drive as soon as I could budget for it.

@Christopher (Drashna) any insight on how damaged drives interact with duplication when they're not being removed and the user is telling DrivePool to keep using it anyway?

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