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Copy/Move File in same drive



a question related to the copy/move performance.

I've a Folder configured in 4 drive (no duplication)





All drive are filled up except the R: one.

The problem: I've my video working directory in R: outside the pool. When I move the video files (1gb aprox for each) into the drive pool they are placed in R:.

The speed is half the normal, I think because half is used for read/half for write. There's an option to bypass this problem? moving the file manually to PoolPart.xxxxxxxxxxxx folder is instant..

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10 hours ago, Shane said:

Windows always performs "copy-then-delete" rather than "move" whenever the source and target volumes are different. Short answer is that's not something DrivePool can bypass, as pools being volumes is how DrivePool does its thing.

thx for the explanation!

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