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  1. Hi, a question related to the copy/move performance. I've a Folder configured in 4 drive (no duplication) M: R: V: W: All drive are filled up except the R: one. The problem: I've my video working directory in R: outside the pool. When I move the video files (1gb aprox for each) into the drive pool they are placed in R:. The speed is half the normal, I think because half is used for read/half for write. There's an option to bypass this problem? moving the file manually to PoolPart.xxxxxxxxxxxx folder is instant..
  2. uppp.. can someone give me some help/suggestions?? now adding some files in Serie TV folder, the file are placed in U: HDD (correctly) but I have always this 1.11GB pending..
  3. Thanks..what about a future option? It can be extremely helpful..
  4. Sorry, what you mean with main tab? Can you give me an example screenshot please? edit: I have done what you say but the problem remains.. with 95% previously I manually start the balancing but at the end remains as was.. with 100% the balance start emmediatly but as 95% remains as was.. The program insist to suggest every time to put the files in P: hard drive.. edit2: Now the data to be moved is less than initial because yesterday I added drive P to the balancing for the folder..after what I removed it and the file was moved to U: Today I have added some
  5. Hi, here's my situation: as you see the drive fill plugin recognized that some file as to move from V to P (wrong basing the file rules) here's the file rules for the main folder with problems: As rule I'm expecting the files from V as to be placed in U (with more file spaces) what I'm missing?
  6. Hi, as title I've just resetted my server. before that I'd removed the license for drivepool and scanner. Additionally I made a backup of scanner settings (from the UI) For drivepool I can't find this functionality.. The problem now is the balacing options are gone.. For future reset, how can iI backup this settings?
  7. Can you explain the value? From - 15 to +15 in normal words?
  8. I know the ">>" icon.. talking about the settings.json.. I cant' find the file.. I have this folder: C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool , no json in it.. looking at the wiki page talk about a sort of Drivepool v2, how can I check wich version I'm using? founded the json: both object you talking about are true. what about: DrivePool_BackgroundTasksPriority (Default: "-2")- The CPU thread priority that should be used for background tasks such as calculating the balancing ratio. A value from -15 to 15 (inclusive). Relating to an above normal win
  9. Thx for the reply.. I found the problem: a folder set to place the files in only one disk and the "Allow files to be placed on other disks if all selected disks are this full". Maybe a warning can be inserted when changing this option?
  10. Hi, as screenshot I have 10.6GB (on a total of 24 TB pool) warning.. How can I found this files/folders?
  11. Hi, By default Drivepool.Service.exe has normal priority under windows going into balancing - File placement it takes forever to load the folders distribution on disks when clicking on it.. Manually increasing the process priority boost the disk read a lot.. Are there any way to assign always a "Above normal" priority?
  12. maybe I'm wrong, but when waking windows from standby the service is already started..isn't it?
  13. Hi all, As title.. When I wake up my pc (windows 10 pro), drivepool say "drives missing" sending a mail. I have a pool of external hard drive and after waking up the pc these are reactivating automatically.. But drivepool check the status tpo quickly.. Are there solutions?
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