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  1. uppp.. can someone give me some help/suggestions?? now adding some files in Serie TV folder, the file are placed in U: HDD (correctly) but I have always this 1.11GB pending..
  2. Thanks..what about a future option? It can be extremely helpful..
  3. Sorry, what you mean with main tab? Can you give me an example screenshot please? edit: I have done what you say but the problem remains.. with 95% previously I manually start the balancing but at the end remains as was.. with 100% the balance start emmediatly but as 95% remains as was.. The program insist to suggest every time to put the files in P: hard drive.. edit2: Now the data to be moved is less than initial because yesterday I added drive P to the balancing for the folder..after what I removed it and the file was moved to U: Today I have added some files and drivepool suggest everytime to put this in P: edit3: additional info: what is causing this behavior is the overfill balancer..
  4. Hi, here's my situation: as you see the drive fill plugin recognized that some file as to move from V to P (wrong basing the file rules) here's the file rules for the main folder with problems: As rule I'm expecting the files from V as to be placed in U (with more file spaces) what I'm missing?
  5. Hi, as title I've just resetted my server. before that I'd removed the license for drivepool and scanner. Additionally I made a backup of scanner settings (from the UI) For drivepool I can't find this functionality.. The problem now is the balacing options are gone.. For future reset, how can iI backup this settings?
  6. Can you explain the value? From - 15 to +15 in normal words?
  7. I know the ">>" icon.. talking about the settings.json.. I cant' find the file.. I have this folder: C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool , no json in it.. looking at the wiki page talk about a sort of Drivepool v2, how can I check wich version I'm using? founded the json: both object you talking about are true. what about: DrivePool_BackgroundTasksPriority (Default: "-2")- The CPU thread priority that should be used for background tasks such as calculating the balancing ratio. A value from -15 to 15 (inclusive). Relating to an above normal windows service priority. Can I play with this? thx
  8. Thx for the reply.. I found the problem: a folder set to place the files in only one disk and the "Allow files to be placed on other disks if all selected disks are this full". Maybe a warning can be inserted when changing this option?
  9. Hi, as screenshot I have 10.6GB (on a total of 24 TB pool) warning.. How can I found this files/folders?
  10. Hi, By default Drivepool.Service.exe has normal priority under windows going into balancing - File placement it takes forever to load the folders distribution on disks when clicking on it.. Manually increasing the process priority boost the disk read a lot.. Are there any way to assign always a "Above normal" priority?
  11. maybe I'm wrong, but when waking windows from standby the service is already started..isn't it?
  12. Hi all, As title.. When I wake up my pc (windows 10 pro), drivepool say "drives missing" sending a mail. I have a pool of external hard drive and after waking up the pc these are reactivating automatically.. But drivepool check the status tpo quickly.. Are there solutions?
  13. thx for the reply.. So this is not the product I'm looking for.. I actually use rclone to backup my data..and all delete data from source are moved in specific directories on destination..
  14. Hi all, I started to try CloudDrive but I have a question.. If I delete accidentaly a file and I want it back, what I have to do? is thers some kind of recycle byn?
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