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Stablebit querying causes disconnet/reconnect of the ProBox Mediasonic 8Bay Box




I have the following set-up:


WHS 2012 Essentials running on N54L HP microserver. ProBox 8-Bay is connected via USB 3.0 connected to a TI USB 3.0 PCIe card in the N54L. I have drive pool running on a Pool containing 6 drives from the ProBox 8-Bay.


I have noticed in the past that programs like speedfan (upon initial boot-up and probing for SMBUS devices and performing SMART reads) would cause the ProBox to disconnect and reconnect. This was an annoyance because the drivepool would start re-checking the whole 19TB pool and waste electricity. So, I started using hard disk sentinel to perform SMART monitoring and had no issue. When the speedfan problem happened, I had filed in the probox forum and the support folks recommended the software. ProBox support had also indicated that this was a speedfan known issue and I could also use HD Tune instead for free; though, I could not do live monitoring.


Anyways, I had to chose to spend money on "hard disk sentinel" or stablebit scanner and due to my good experience with the drivepool, I decided to buy the stablebit scanner without doing a trial. Why no trial? Well, I tried to use the trial and kept on asking for trial license even before ever using it. I gave up trying to fix that issue and just paid the $15 to try to complete my task by this weekend.


Well, stablebit scanner now causes the USB 3.0 ProBox to disconnect and reconnect every time if does this burst of SMART scanning. If I do individual scans of the HDD, then there is no issue but somehow when the stablebit scanner does things automatically, it causes a disconnect/reconnect. When that happens, the drivepool starts re-checking the whole single POOL again and I have been stuck in this issue for the past 24 hours.


Any thoughts or ideas to fix this issue?


I have reviewed the advanced stablebit scanner settings but I am not sure which one may help to fix this specific issue.





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If you're the user that just posted a ticket about this as well... I've answered there already. 


If not:


You will need to open the disk in Scanner, and "update" the definition for the drive. That, or restart the system. Once that's done, it should stop crashing the enclosure.
If the issue persists:
Can you please download the latest version of Direct I/O test (our internal testing tool) and run it on your server.
Select a disk that's located in that enclosure from the drop down and check the "USB" box.
Take screenshot of the output and post it here.
That'll tell me which USB chip that enclosure uses and the pass-through methods that it supports.
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I have the Subsonic Probox 4Bay and had the exact same issue.  While trolling their forums I came across an article that mentioned downgrading the firmware on the box because they introduced drive sleeping or something like that which was causing my box to drop off whenever scanner was doing its thing.  It took me a while before I came across this.


It solved my problem.


You may also want to make sure that "link state power management" is also disabled in the power settings.


This may be worth looking into in case it helps with your problem.

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I will check and get back to you guys. At the moment, I am trying to work on another issue where suddenly I have started getting 3 or 4 drivepool exceptions in the event viewer per day. Then, the drivepool rechecks for hours hen crashes and starts again. The environment has become very unstable since the latest drive scanner install.

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