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  1. Thanks Umfriend, it was not clear from the documentation what Other clearly was and I did not want to be left exposed. At least, this makes me understand that Other is not an important category to track as much as unduplicated in my case, which is ZERO at this time.
  2. Drivepool is setup for duplication. I was seeing an odd behavior where sometimes less<100GB of data would not get duplicated. So, to fix this and start fresh, I set the drivepool to no duplication. Drivepool took 36 hours to remove duplication (this a 14.5TB drivepool and 70% full with duplication). Then, I restarted the duplication and waited another 3.5 days. After all that trouble, the drivepool still has 10.9GB of data unduplicated. This may not seem much but I am performing my client backups on this drivepool and I don't want to have a situation where the 10.5GB includes portion of the
  3. Hi, I was recommended to install the Beta version from the following location. http://dl.covecube.c.../beta/download/ Downloaded the latest 499 beta; though, when installer started, it instructed to uninstall previous installation. Looking through the manual, it is not clear if I will harm/destroy/lose the current production drivepool on my system by doing the following uninstall_current_stable_version_drivepool->reboot->install_new_beta_version_drivepool->reboot. Will my current drivepool by automatically discovered by the new_beta_version after install or will I
  4. I will check and get back to you guys. At the moment, I am trying to work on another issue where suddenly I have started getting 3 or 4 drivepool exceptions in the event viewer per day. Then, the drivepool rechecks for hours hen crashes and starts again. The environment has become very unstable since the latest drive scanner install.
  5. This is what is happening to me also. Getting really tired of the wasted electricity.
  6. Having the same issue I am getting tired of the cockamie rechecking the drive pool. It started another checking and I wish it would have some information on the interface as to why it restarted, what time, and if it has any outlook on when it will end. Anyways, the recheck is running and then suddenly stops when I start the stablebit scanner and at the same time issue a WHS 2012e server backup to a non-pooled drive. The drive-pool interface disappears. I turn on the interface and there is no pool displayed while the pool drive is available and accessible. I don't want to restart my server
  7. Hi, I have the following set-up: WHS 2012 Essentials running on N54L HP microserver. ProBox 8-Bay is connected via USB 3.0 connected to a TI USB 3.0 PCIe card in the N54L. I have drive pool running on a Pool containing 6 drives from the ProBox 8-Bay. I have noticed in the past that programs like speedfan (upon initial boot-up and probing for SMBUS devices and performing SMART reads) would cause the ProBox to disconnect and reconnect. This was an annoyance because the drivepool would start re-checking the whole 19TB pool and waste electricity. So, I started using hard disk sentinel
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