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Cannot play back video files unless read striping is enabled



Quick details:

  • 2x Cloud Drives = CloudPool
  • 5x Storage Drives = LocalPool
  • CloudPool + Localpool = HybridPool.

Only balancer enabled on HybridPool is usage limiter that forces that unduplicated files are stored in cloud.

So I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu, and upgradfed to, today I noticed that if I disable read striping, no video files opened via Windows File Explorer  (or other means) from the HybridPool play at all. The file appears on DrivePools "Disk Performance" part for a moment wiht 0/b read rate. If I open a small file, like an image, it works.

If I enable read striping, the file is primarily read from LocalPool as expected, but I never want it to be read from Cloud if it exists in Local, and sometimes under a bit of load, the file playback from cloud is triggered.

I'm at my wits end how to debug / sort this issue out by myself. Any help would be greatly apperciated.


Edit: new beta fixed this :)

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