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File Placement rule not being followed?



I am trying to organize all my movie files on specific HDDs in my DrivePool. In File Placement, I have checked the HDDs where the movie files should go. I removed one HDD from the DrivePool to force these movie files into the correct HDDs. That seemed to work. When the HDD removal was complete, I added it back to DrivePool and made sure that the movies File Placement was unchecked for the empty drive. However, when I add new movie files to DrivePool, all the new movie files are going directly to the empty HDD which is not part of the File Placement rule!? There is more than enough room on the existing HDDs to take the movie files where I want them in the File Placement rule.

Any idea why this is happening? Any way to force move the movie files to the designated HDDs in File Placement - either automatically by DrivePool or manually if I must? Thanks for any suggestions.

FYI: Balancers in this order

1) SSD Optimizer

2) StableBit Scanner

3) Volume Equalization

4) Drive Usage Limiter

5) Prevent Drive Overfill

6) Duplication Space Optimizer

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In the Manage Pool -> Balancing -> Settings menu, ensure "Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules" is ticked.

And if "File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins" is ticked, the settings in the balancers (e.g. SSD Optimizer) may be taking priority.

It can be tricky to find the right combination.

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1 hour ago, Shane said:

It can be tricky to find the right combination.

That's where I was at. TheĀ "Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules" was ticked. I ended just removing the HDDs and not putting them back into the DrivePool when emptied. So that forced the files to go to the HDDs that I wanted. In the end, even with the files on the correct HDDs, my problem with my media server was not solved so I am back to letting DrivePool put all the movie files on any HDD in DrivePool.

I like the concept of File Placement and may try to use it again sometime the future, but there are a number of things going on with that system and it does appear to be tricky to get everything placed exactly where you want.

Thanks for the response.

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