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Accidentally formatted an active drive inside my DrivePool; how to find out what files are missing/corrupted?



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There shouldn't be any corrupted files, as DrivePool does not "split" a file across drives.

If duplication was enabled for any files that might have been on that drive, you shouldn't have lost any files. DrivePool will automatically re-duplicate those files given enough free space in the pool.

If duplication was NOT enabled for any files that were on that drive... the short answer is "not via DrivePool". DrivePool doesn't keep a database of your files. You would have to compare your pool against your own backups (if any).

If you "quick"-formatted your drive (and have not re-used that drive since then) there are third-party tools that can (attempt to) "unformat" it. However, this can also result in files that you deliberately deleted also being restored, which may be a factor in whether or not you want to do this.

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