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  1. I contacted support but I obviously need this fixed ASAP so here i am. I restarted my computer and I get errors from all my programs telling me my drive doesn't show up. So i check if drivepool is running and it's not - i open it up and low and behold the drivepool isn't there, nor are any of the drives that were pooled in it. I tried resetting the settings. I unsintalled to reinstall. Now it's asking for activation ID so i put it in from my email and nothing happens...so I start the trial, but the same issue: WHERE IS MY DRIVEPOOL??? 1. where is the drivepool, and the di
  2. I should have double checked, but I thought I was formatting a drive readying it to be put into the DrivePool, however I accidentally formatted a drive that was already in the DrivePool. Is there a way to see what files are missing from the DrivePool or are now corrupted?
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