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Moving from a Drive Bender Installation


Newbie here and asking some questions if anyone can help.

Has anyone moved from another pooling service, like drive bender to stablebit?

I currently have 33 drives set-up in my NAS, (would be half if I wasn't duplicating) using drive bender for several years now.

I am at the point now where I would like to try something different and was looking at stable bit since it's similar in the ways it works.

I think it would go seamless since I can add a drive at a time, but my only concern is the drives are full of data, including duplicates. 

I'll need to remove the duplicates and folders ($duplicates) to start from scratch and keep the main files.

I assume since the folders are duplicated across the drives, and files inside are spread across the drives, stable bit will synch all of those up once I start adding the drives?

So if I have a folder called "stuff" that is spread out across all the drives, they will all be "seen" in one virtual folder once up and running?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Dennis.

Basically yes, wherever the folder structure is the same in each hidden PoolPart.guid folder on each of the pooled drives then DrivePool will treat the files within those folders as being in the "same" folders; if any given "same" folder on multiple drives contains identical files then those files are considered duplicates (and DP will check them for consistency). You can use this to "seed" a pool as described here if you understand what you're doing.

Alternatively, if you don't mind leaving DP to do all the hard work - and if DriveBender and DrivePool can run without conflict on the same computer (personally I'd test that on a spare PC with a couple of spare drives first) - you could simply add the same physical drives that you've already used to form the virtual DB drive to also form a pool in DP and then move the folders and files you want "off" the virtual DB drive "onto" the virtual DP drive.

Does that help / make sense?

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