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  1. It, does, thanks Shane for your help.I'll look into those suggestions
  2. Is this possible? I created my first pool and went to add a drive with files on it...it added the drive, but the files where nowhere to be found Was there an extra step I missed?
  3. Newbie here and asking some questions if anyone can help. Has anyone moved from another pooling service, like drive bender to stablebit? I currently have 33 drives set-up in my NAS, (would be half if I wasn't duplicating) using drive bender for several years now. I am at the point now where I would like to try something different and was looking at stable bit since it's similar in the ways it works. I think it would go seamless since I can add a drive at a time, but my only concern is the drives are full of data, including duplicates. I'll need to remove the duplicate
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