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Hi all, I've wracked my brain trying to understand the DP manual. Initially, I purchased four 4TB Seagates with the hope of running them as a RAID 10 (i.e., stripped once, and mirrored once). Nothing I'm doing 'appears' to do that. As well, with approx 14TB avail, it is saying my drive is almost completely full, even though I only have somewhere around 4TB or so of data in total on them.


I guess my question is hopefully simple: How do I set DP up with 4 identical drives as a mirrored, stripped, 4 drive "pool", with 2 copies of each file in total on different drives in case of a failure?






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That it says your drive is full is strange and some screenshots might work.

Have you set x2 duplication? In that case, two duplicates are stored on the 4 HDDs and no duplicate is stored on the same HDD. So you should be fine with the failure of one HDD. There is no reason, from that perspective, to use a 2x2 config (in fact, it becomes riskier in the sense that if you have 5TB of (unduplicated) data, DP can recover from 1x4 HDD to 1x3 HDD, using 10TB out of the 12TB remaining. In a 2x2 config and one drive failure, there is no recovery until you replace the faulty disk, which you would do anyway but until it arrives you would not have x2 duplication in full and I would consider switching off the machine until a new drive is available. I have a 2(Pools)x3(HDDs) config but ensure that each Pool can miss a drive.)

That may change, depending on the backup software used, if you want to perform a backup as well and ensure only one duplicate is backed up. In the case, you might think of Hierarchical Pools. The search function should point you to some threads where I explained such setup.

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