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Best way to start new pool?


I have a pool built - and clearly some configuration files are stored because when I uninstall and reinstall a new beta the pool reappears as previously built.


However, because of some balancing issues and damaged drives, I'd like to rebuild the entire pool from scratch - then copy over the files to the new pool.


How should I do this?

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Removing the configuration files won't help

The information about the Pool is actually stored ON the pooled drives itself. That means you can move the disks to another system, and it will see the pool as well.



However, if you do wish to start completely from scratch:

  1. Uninstall DrivePool
  2. Use that link above to reset the settings
  3. Enable "Show Hidden Files" (you'll see why in a sec)
  4. Go to each disk in the pool, where you'll find a hidden "PoolPart.xxxx" folder
    From here, move the contents of this folder into the "root" of the disk (eg, d:\, e:\, f:\, g:\, etc)
  5. Once the PoolPart folder is empty (double and TRIPLE CHECK), delete the folder
  6. Repeat 4-5 for each disk that was in the pool.
  7. Reinstall DrivePool
  8. Add the disks to the pool that you want back in it
  9. "reverse" 4-5 for the disks you want in the pool (dump the contents into the NEW poolPart folder)
  10. Reset drivePool's settings again, or "remeasure"

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