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Trial User - Automatic Scanning Disabled?

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Trial User here checking out Scanner. My GUI states "Automatic Scanning Disabled." I have checked the settings and it is set to auto check the drives every 30 days. So I manually initiated a scanner check and all my HDDs were healthy (it took about 4 days to complete the scan). Anyway, I am trying to set Scanner to auto check my HDDs so I changed the scanner settings to recheck the drives every 3 days, thinking maybe the auto scanning feature would not register out 30 days since I only have 20 days left on the trial. Still, after having set the scanner to scan every 3 days, the GUI displays Automatic Scanning Disabled.

Is the Automatic Scanning feature disabled on Trial Versions of Scanner? If not, how do I set the program to auto scan my HDDs? I would like to see at least one auto Scanner event triggered by the program before my trial period ends. If the auto scanner feature does not work, then that portion of the Stablebit package would have little value to me as I already have other programs that I can manually check the drives. Thanks for any feedback.

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Thanks for the response. Turns out, I was clicking on the down arrow and that did not give the option of enable auto scanning. So after reading your response, I clicked on the "button" itself and it toggled to enabled. Problem solved. Auto scanning immediately started so I know that it is working. Thanks.

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