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Help me with disk idle



My disk's spin down, but they spin back up at random times/intervals. I've tracked the problem down to Scanner. When Scanner is uninstalled, the disk's spin down and stay down until they are accessed. I'd love to continue using Scanner, but I need it to let me drives sleep.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Checked:  Only perform work within a time window.

2. Unchecked: Wake to scan

3. Checked: Only query during work window

4. Checked: Do not query if disk spun down

5. Checked: Scan using background i/o priority

6. Checked: Do not interfere with disk access

Is there anything else that I missed or is this normal behavior for Scanner? Again, the behavior I am wanting is for the disks to spin down via windows power plan and then spin up individually only when that disk is being accessed. When Scanner is not installed my disks behave this way.

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