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File transfers drop to ~400-500KB


Please help! 

I have a 3-drive pool that is setup with "Ordered File Placement" balancing at first. After Disk 1 was filled, then copying/transferring of files continued onto Disk 2.

But somehow after about 75% of Disk 2 was filled, the transfer speed went from 100MB/s to only 400-500Kbp. I didn't know what was wrong but after turning off ALL other Balancers such as StableBit Scanner and Drive Usage Limited, transfer speeds went back up to the normal 100MB/s.

After Disk 2 was filled, Disk 3 is the last disk in the pool to get files but the same problem persists. Transfers start at around 100-120MB/s and after about 15 seconds, speed would drop to about 100-500kbps. 

What else can I try? I still have all Balancing turned off but this time it is not doing anything to help.

I used Stablebits Scanner to scan Disk 3, it found no problems, so Disk 3 does not have any physical issue. I even used Disk Management to reformat Disk 3 and then re-added back to pool and still the problem persists. When Disk 3 is a standalone drive without being added to the pool, any kind of copying/transferring to Disk 3 performs at the regular 100MB/s. 

What exactly is wrong? What else can I try? I am going crazy trying to figure this out. 



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Is this over a network?

What's DrivePool showing in the activity screen you when you are copying to the pool?

If it's over a network, have you tried copying directly to a disk over the network to see if the problem happens that way(trying to isolate if the problem is indeed DrivePool, or something else in your setup).



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On 8/19/2019 at 1:53 AM, Drivepoolguy said:

the transfer speed went from 100MB/s to only 400-500Kbp

There are three reasons this will usually happen: 

  1. Large files moving to small files (there is overhead for writing the file information, and a lot of small files will grind to a halt because of this)
  2. SMT drives running out of cache
  3. Issues with the drive

That's not comprehensive, but it the usual cases. 


If you copy to the drive directly, do you see the speeds/issues? 
And do you have any antivirus software or other disk tools installed? 

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