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  1. I have the same problem after updating to Windows 11. I am getting a bit worried now because no one replied to you for more than a year. Please see my post about the same issue: Did you end up fixing it and if yes, how?
  2. Please help! I have a 3-drive pool that is setup with "Ordered File Placement" balancing at first. After Disk 1 was filled, then copying/transferring of files continued onto Disk 2. But somehow after about 75% of Disk 2 was filled, the transfer speed went from 100MB/s to only 400-500Kbp. I didn't know what was wrong but after turning off ALL other Balancers such as StableBit Scanner and Drive Usage Limited, transfer speeds went back up to the normal 100MB/s. After Disk 2 was filled, Disk 3 is the last disk in the pool to get files but the same problem persists. Transfers start at around 100-120MB/s and after about 15 seconds, speed would drop to about 100-500kbps. What else can I try? I still have all Balancing turned off but this time it is not doing anything to help. I used Stablebits Scanner to scan Disk 3, it found no problems, so Disk 3 does not have any physical issue. I even used Disk Management to reformat Disk 3 and then re-added back to pool and still the problem persists. When Disk 3 is a standalone drive without being added to the pool, any kind of copying/transferring to Disk 3 performs at the regular 100MB/s. What exactly is wrong? What else can I try? I am going crazy trying to figure this out.
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