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Deleted folders "bounces back"



Just did some spring cleaning in my movie folder and removed over 200 movies. Folders with the movie file and srt files. When I marked all of the folders and pressed delete, about 20 of them came back really fast. Then I marked those for deletion, pressed delete, and about 5 bounced back. And 2. And after deleting those 2 no more folders "bounced" back. I've probably had these files for 2-3 years, across a couple iterations of DP. Perhaps outdated ADS properties causing it? Not a huge deal, more of an awkward observation, didn't hurt my data but required a watchful eye to avoid leaving a mess.

I'm about to turn off replication for my media as I feel the scanner read scans are good enough safety-net to discover realloc/pending sectors early. And with the evacuation balancer, I feel pretty safe. I have a strong feeling this was a replication related event, maybe race-condition based, internal OS/NTFS functions running side-by-side with what DP wants to do and being a little ignorant about eachother.

Not thinking about turning off duplication anymore after a 3TB seagate just died suddenly in my desktop. It only hosted backups that would regenerate, but it's worse if it happens in the pool. Would render evacuation useless. So, just curious about the rubber-band dynamics of folders coming back from the dead now, but it's not a huge deal, mainly just curious.


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Actually, this was probably unrelated to the duplication.  Unless a duplication pass was running at the time that this happened, which would have been noted in the UI. 

That said, there was a file system command bug that we found recently, and the beta version may fix this, in the future. 


* [D] [S] [Issue #27976] For deleted files, in response to any future IRP_MJ_DIRECTORY_CONTROL/IRP_MN_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIRECTORY IRPs, issue an explicit 
                         STATUS_DELETE_PENDING without first pending the IRP.
                         when a file is deleted.


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