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Removed bad drive from pool, will it warn me of lost files/data?



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The logs for the pool should tell you, but otherwise, no.

Specifically, if you check "C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\Service\", the text logs will tell you each and every file that it errored out on, along with a lot of other information.


However, it should make the "PoolPart.xxxx" folder visible on the disk. And from there, you can see what got left behind.


However, I will submit an IAR/request to Alex to more visibly acknowledge what files could not be read/moved off the pool.

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You have a good point, there really should be some kind of notification at the end of the removal process.


I've added this to the roadmap:



We will add this to the UI in the future.


For now, you can look in the PoolPart... folder on the damaged drive that you just removed. Any files that were not migrated will still remain in that folder.

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