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Drive cannot be mounted after BSOD



Hey everyone,
I have already contacted support about this, I'm just waiting for a reply, but on the off chance someone here can help me...
I recently purchased a new, larger SSD to use as my local cache for my cloud drives. I unmounted the drives, shut down the machine and installed the new SSD. I booted the computer and attempted to re-mount the 2 drives. I successfully re-mounted 1, during the re-mounting of the second drive the PC BSOD'd (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT). Upon rebooting the machine the first drive was fine, the second drive, however, was in an unmountable state:
"This drive cannot be mounted"
"The cloud storage provider that this drive uses is not known to this version of StableBit CloudDrive"
I am offered one option here: "Destroy".
If I go to the add drive screen the drive is not listed under the provider as attachable.
Is there any way to recover this drive? (Please say yes!)


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On 5/28/2019 at 3:36 AM, Neaoxas said:
Is there any way to recover this drive? (Please say yes!)


Unclear. You need to submit a proper ticket for this to support. Do so here: https://stablebit.com/Contact

It's possible that a memory error might have fundamentally corrupted something, it's also possible that it might be fixed by simply deleting the data on the PC. Let official support walk you through that, to be sure. 


On 5/28/2019 at 6:39 AM, steffenmand said:

You should never go above 60 TB for a drive as chkdsk wont work :(

This is true, but remember that this limitation is per volume, not per drive. His volumes could be smaller than 60TB on a 256TB drive. 

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