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Detach CloudDrive - Access Denied



I need to remove all files from my CloudDrive, as some backups have ended up on there which is slaughtering my internet allowance. I'm trying to remove the CloudDrive from DrivePool, but keep hitting errors about missing files and CloudDrive is complaining about issues with the cache. I'd like to move the CloudDrive cache off the spinning disks its on now and put it onto an SSD. When I tell CloudDrive to detach the disk however, it states that Access is denied once everything queued for upload is complete.

Is there a solution to this problem?



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Given what you've mentioned, it sounds like removing the data from the CloudDrive is causing a bunch of "to upload" data. That's filling the cache, and slowing down or stopping writes to the disk (which happens as the cache drive gets close to completely filled).

It may be best to use the "duplicate data later" option, if you're using a lot of duplication. 

Otherwise, it may be worth using the "Disk Usage Limiter" balancer.  Open the settings for it, and uncheck/untick the "duplicated" and "unduplicated" options for the drive in question.  This should take longer, and generate less errors.



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