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Disk not seen


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I have USB-3 disk attached. Windows 10 sees the disk and can use the disk.
DrivePool does not see the disk, so I can't use it in my new pool.
It does show up and is used in another pool.
Why is that?

I have a internal disk that shows up in 'This PC'. I can use that disk without zero problems. It has a drive letter.
It shows up in DrivePool but is flagged as "This is an unallocated disk" It has no drive letter.


Weird, so I went to Administrative Tools ... Disk Management.
Both disks mentioned above show up in that window. Both with correct size and drive letter.


The fixed disk is 6TB. Windows shows it as 5.45TB. That's good.
Windows also shows the disk is nearly full (243GB free)
If I simply count all files on that disk with 'properties' all files add up 3.75TB
I know there always is some overhead (partly used sectors) but that much?
1.7TB /31% overhead?

I just noticed that I used a pooled disk as one of the disks to build a new pool.
That's not what I want so I'll remove it from the pool when the DrivePool is done with buiding the new pool.
Could that cause all/some of the problems mentioned above?


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Screenprints might help. 31% overhead seems a bit much, as in impossible. Perhaps the counter does not include certain hidden directories. I have had the System Volume Information folder using loads of data.

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Will add screenprints when I'm back home. But I doubt they reveal anything.
My file manager (directory Opus) does show hidden files/folders. It also shows folder size, that doesn't add up either.
Very weird. Hopefully it's just because PoolDisk is doing something with it somehow.

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The 6TB drive is now showing the correct amount full. No idea what was going on. I made so many changes last week I can't even speculated.


I still have a problem with the external USB-3 disk.

It shows up in Windows. It's part of a pool. The disk works without the slightest problem.

Right now I'm trying to create another pool, the USB disk isn't shown in the list with available disks.
What is causing that?
Another disk that's part of a pool does show up, so disks can be used is multiple pools.

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