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Longevity Concerns

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Hey all. ~1.5 year CloudDrive user here. All the usual praise - greatest program since the original bread-slicing program, Plex, GSuite, etc.

My question is, as I am set to embark on a backup to a completely secondary GSuite account, what expectations do we all have in case CoveCube closes up shop & then Google changes something API-related.

I recall about a year ago where we were all having issues connecting to Google Cloud due to numerous API errors. A relatively quick update from the team fixed it and we were back up and running.

But since then I've had reservations about having two separate copies both chunked/encrypted forcing me to rely on this amazing program.

Where does everyone else stand on this topic?

FYI - if data didn't total ~55 TB (or 10 TB drives were so expensive) I would totally have a different medium/local backup. I know - but I'm frugal :)

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I think those are fine concerns. One thing that Alex and Christopher has said before is that 1) Covecube isn't in any danger of shutting down any time soon and 2) if it would, they would release a tool to convert the chunks on your cloud storage back to native files. So as long as you had access to retrieve the individual chunks from your storage, you'd be able to convert it. But, ultimately, there aren't any guarantees in life. It's just a risk we take by relying on cloud storage solutions. 

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We don't generally talk about it.  But if asked, we are usually fairly open. 

Basically, we don't want to plan for failure.  But we do have a number of things that we would do, if we were to close up shop.
(Such as remove the licensing core, possible, and offer it as freeware, with no support).

That and we have plans on how to make income much more stable, so that longevity won't be a concern.  So there is that. (http://wiki.covecube.com/Development_Status#StableBit_Cloud, specifically)

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