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Flaky hardware BSODs and getting my data elsewhere via USB and DrivePool?



Hi there,

I've been using DrivePool for a long time on my Windows Server 2012R2 box. I'm on the current build of DrivePool (934).

I'm currently getting random BSODs that seem to suggest a failing piece of hardware. Memory passes, CPU isn't overheating... so, it's not good.


I also have a Mediasonic eSATA / USB 3.0,  4 bay drive box (that DrivePool uses via eSATA on this Windows machine).

My issue is this: I'm not replacing this machine. I also don't have another machine with eSATA on it.

I bought a Synology, and need to get the data off this box (the Synology has eSATA, but it's purposely not compatible with non-Synology devices).


The Synology copy tool (via USB 3.0) from the Mediasonic box doesn't quite make me feel like I've gotten all the data off my individual drives.

And Resilio seems to be having issues finishing up a Sync operation due to the BSODs.


Here's my question:

Can I install DrivePool on a Windows 10 machine, plug in the Mediasonic via USB 3, and have DrivePool find my existing pool so I can do some file copying?

Thanks for any help!


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Oh, so about permissions problems...

When I click on any folder in the Pool on the new machine, I get the dreaded "You don't have access" alert.

Is there a way to easily shift the ownership to the service identity of DrivePool on the new machine? Including all subfolders?

I thought I could do it in Permissions, but once I grant access to the identity to see the Permissions, there's nothing to change.

I can't remember if clicking to authorize access to the Pool folders survives a reboot or not.

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