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Drives that show up with drive letters after adding to drive pool - just remove drive letters?


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Change or remove drive letter:



Mount drives to folder paths:


This method is actually how Drive Extender and Drive Bender work. They mount the files to the C:\ drive and access them that way. However DrivePool is able to access from the NTFS volume paths, so that it doesn't need a letter or mount point to access your data. However, I recommend at least the mount points, that way you can access the data if need be, or easily run maintenance on the disks (such as chkdsk).


I also recommend a folder structure of C:\DrivePool\, and i## and e## for internal and external disks respectively. You can get more complicated than that, but it's a good guideline.

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Thank you!  I've set up the mounts but I'm unclear on this with removing the drive letters...


"Note that changing a drive letter of a drive with existing shared folders on it will break the link to those folders and they will no longer be shared."


I'd like to remove the drive letters for the drives in the pool but concerned of breaking something.  I would think it's ok since Drive Pool now shows the mount names instead?

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What that means is that if you're using the drive for something OTHER than DrivePool, it may cause issues. ESPECIALLY if you have shared folders on it.


If the drive is only being used for DrivePool, there is absolutely no harm in doing this, and in fact DrivePool will be able to track these changes. And you will experience no interruptions in the pool. Talk about resilient. :)


And yes, it's definitely okay. We just wanted to be explicit clear on the implications of remove the drive letters (as does Windows).

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