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Duplication "hogs" server



I keep having a problem with my home server -- after starting a download of a large (20+ gigs) new torrent in my "Downloads" pool (just a pair of 1TB drives mirrored to each other), the entire server is unresponsive on the network.   When I check Stablebit Scanner, I see a high amount of disk activity between the mirrored drives.   I use the "preallocate torrents" option, so the instant a large torrent is created, it pre-allocates the file on the pool, and I think the particular way that is done causes DrivePool to "hog" the system when it tries to immediately duplicate the preallocated space.   I'm wondering if maybe the torrent software, when it does the preallocation, is actually doing a ton of discrete allocations, and this "hogs" the system.

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My guess is that this is the Torrent program.  Creating files is surprisingly CPU intensive, so if it's creating a lot of files, it could spike the CPU. 


But it may also be worth opening a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact and then running the StableBit Troubleshooter.

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