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Hyper-V Server Core vs WSE2016 + Hyper-V Role VM Memory limit


First off, this is not related to any Stablebit product in any way so I would understand if Chris closed/deleted this topic. However, fora on WSE are far and few between and I know there are people here who actually know things.

So I am going to upgrade to WSE2016 (from WHS2011) and it will probably be the last Server I'll ever build. I want to have the option the create a VM with a huge amount of RAM at some stage. WSE2016 has a mem limit of 64GB. I am wondering whether any VM running inder WSE2016 with the Hyper-V role installed is subject to the same 64GB limit or whether that VM will be subject to the mem-limit of the OS running under the VM?

The main reason I am asking is that I have installed Hyper-V Server Core on bare metal with the intention of running WSE2016 and another OS in two VMs. However, I fail to connect to that Server using Hyper-V Manager. It is not straightforward to me at all how this should work and various how-to's have not helped. But I would not mind if WSE2016 itself ran on bare-metal instead of virtualized, so that is why I am asking.

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As long as Windows Server 2016 Essentials is not running as the host OS, then you should be fine.   The host OS is what determines the amount of RAM that HyperV can use.   Though, each VM is subject to that OS's limitations.  

So the WSE VM would only be able to use 64GB of RAM.

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