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Cannot see any data in new pool



I am trying to create a new pool with 4 hard drives, one drive is empty, one is half full and the other two are 99% full

I added the drives to the new pool and it did not without errors; however i cannot see any data on the new pool "Drivepool D:)"

The data does seem to be "there" because in the My Computer window i can see the blur data usage bar corresponding to how full the pool should be, and this changed accordingly as i added each drive

I have disabled "hide hidden folders" but still cannot find anything

And in the DrivePool window for the new pool the pie chart is gray as opposed to blue

I have rebooted after creating the pool, then removed the drive letters for the pooled drives, then rebooted again and still no data is visible

I have an older pool which is working fine so don't think its a global error





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That large chunk of "other" data is your existing data on the pool drives that you wanted to have show up in the pool but which don't.  They don't appear in the pool since they're outside the hidden "Poolpart-xxxxx" folder in the root of each drive.

Since you have multiple drives with large amounts of data on them, the best way to handle it is:  resolve your problem with seeing hidden files/folders in Windows.  When you can finally see the hidden Poolpart-xxxxx folder(s) in the root of all pool drives, move the existing files to the Poolpart-xxxxx folders (on the drive where the files already are, for each drive).  Then when it's all moved, tell Drivepool to Re-measure.  When Windows moves a file on the same drive, it's nearly instantaneous.

Sometimes Windows can be buggy with the show/hide hidden files and folders feature.  I've had to edit the registry on numerous occasions with my W7 Pro server, then reboot, then mess with it some more and reboot again.  Keep working at it - it really is the best solution for your situation.  If you simply moved the existing data from each drive directly into the pool drive (D:), it would take a while and get rather messy, since Drivepool would be trying to auto-balance files between drives that have data both being added and removed.  You might even end up having to re-balance multiple times afterwards.

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