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  1. You are a life savior I lost my sleep two days now having the same issue!
  2. Hi all. Please some help cause I am at a loss. I had a system with an SSD non pooled and 3 HDDs pooled. I changed motherboard, CPU and bought a new NVME drive. I cloned my SSD to the NVME, set the NVME as my primary C boot drive and then removed the SSD from the system. Upon removal of the SSD, the pool was gone missing. Although in Windows disk management saw the disks in the pool, DrivePool could not see the HDDs or the pool and it was nowhere to be found in Windows Explorer. I took some actions making things completely worse and due to some other problems I faced, I formatted my PC. Now. Clean Windows and Scanner/DrivePool installation. I open DrivePool to create my new pool, the program sees all my drives normally now, I add the 3 I want but the data area in the pie is grey. I thought maybe something remained or was affecting the files from the previous pool? I don't know honestly. But there is another issue. All my folders and subfolders seem to be read-only. No matter what I do, they keep reverting to read only state (the read only box doesn't have the tick but the black square which means I think that an app is using some files?). Through security - advanced options in each drive, I have ownership as an administrator and full control over everything, I can totally do anything with the hard drives apart from pooling them...And the read only state keeps reverting every time no matter what. Plus, for some reasons, StableBit Scanner showed file system error on the NVME and one of the HDDs so I ran chkdsk /f on these drives in a clear command prompt environment before Windows loading and no errors were found (I still cannot perform check disk though on any disk inside Windows). All HDDs and the NVME are working normally, I have complete access to my files, apart from the above check disk issue inside Windows and the fact that I cannot create a new pool. I really hope you can help me somehow here all I get is a pool with no "visible" files to manipulate...
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