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SnapRAID and poolpart folders


So, drives in a pool has a poolpart.N folder. What I'm thinking is pointing snapraid.conf to these. Will that restore the parent poolpart.N folder as well or just the sub content btw if leaving out \ in the end?

Will it go something like this? 

New drive is different, so I have to remove/add to drivepool regardless because of serial/GUID or whatever. This will create a new poolpart folder. If I do 'snapraid -fix m' towards that drive after mounting it to the right folder, I'm guessing the old poolpart folder gets restored next to the new one. Now it should have 2 poolpart folders. Is the most correct thing here to move the old content into the new poolpart folder and delete the old before I remeasure the pool? Or will the old poolpart still work as long as the .N number is unique... I can't see that happening as there's no logical reason for DrivePool to handle 2 poolpart folders on a single drive.


EDIT: Nevermind, didn't think it through. When SnapRAID is aimed to the new poolpart folder it will fill it with the contents of the old. So tired of thinking of different storage setups the last few days that some parts of the brain are getting blurry I think... Sorry.

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1 hour ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Well, you should check out some the other snapraid threads and see what they've done.  And maybe try tagging them, and ask their opinions on this. 

Oh I've been over everything back and forwards and then some, it was just this little detail I was missing. Actually wrote a guide on SnapRAID itself in 2016 after testing it extensively, but then left it. Pretty excited to have everything covered finally as it's been hell deciding which way to go. Storage is one of the few hobby activities I got left, and budget wise I'm being challenged, but wasn't gonna give up. I've considered every available storage setup and variation there is to cover my needs, almost complete days and better part of the nights for over a week, maybe more. It's taken its toll but it's finally coming together. I'm a perfectionist so pretty much everything is an obsessive struggle, but this situation was in the extreme range for sure, weighing cost vs need vs want vs possibility.

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