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Migration to a new system



Hi guys,

I'm using StableBit bundle for a long time (still happy:), but I'm ready to setup new more powerful storage box.

Is there any procedure for smooth migration from old box to a new one?

Problem is I can't use Stablebit license simultaneously on both boxes during migration, I believe I'm not the first person decided to upgrade hardware so probably there is workaround?

Thank you reading this.

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If you're going that route, you'll want to consider your old pool architecture (how many drives, what size, etc) compared to the new one.  If you have the same number of drives, the migration still isn't too hard:

  • Deactivate the licenses, uninstall the software
  • Share each hidden Poolpart-xxxxx folder (from each of the old pool's drives) on the network  (i.e. OldPool-E, OldPool-F, etc)
  • Install Drivepool on the new machine, create a new pool using your new drives, then stop the Drivepool service (optional).
  • Access each network drive-share you created on the old machine, and copy it's contents into each hidden Poolpart-xxxxx folder in the new pool.  Each drive in the Pool has one on it.
  • Start up Drivepool on the new machine (restart the service first if you stopped it), and tell it to re-measure the pool so it can see all the content you copied in.

If you have a different number of drives, that's okay too.  You'll have to copy the files from the old network drive-shares into the new Poolpart-xxxxx folders on each new drive, and then re-measure (first) and re-balance (second) on the new machine.  If your new drives are large enough, you can copy multiple old Poolpart-xxxxx folder contents into the same Poolpart-xxxx folder on the new pool.

Basically you are manually populating the new pool's drives with the old files via network copy, then telling Drivepool to "go see what's there" (re-measure), and "spread it all out evenly" (re-balance).  You may want to use the Disk Space Equalizer plugin for Drivepool, to evenly spread out the newly copied files in the new pool.  Install it, open Drivepool, toggle the plugin on once, let it run, then toggle it off.

It won't matter if Drivepool/Scanner are deactivated/uninstalled on the old machine, since all you're doing is manually accessing the hidden Poolpart-xxxxx folder that it leaves on all pooled drives.  DP doesn't need to be running, activated, or even installed on the old machine for that, just the new one.

One thing of note:  to keep the same folder structure your old pool had, you want to copy the folders/files from inside the old Poolpart-xxxxx folders exactly as they were.  If you put files or folders into different locations from where they used to be, the pool won't look the same.  The exception of course is copying two drives' worth of Poolpart-xxxxx contents into just one Poolpart-xxxxx on a new pool drive.  The folder/file hierarchy inside the hidden Poolpart folders is important.

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If you're asking about Drivepool and Scanner, they are very easy to migrate.

  • You will need to deactivate the license in each piece of software before uninstalling it, so you can reactivate on the new system.  Click the gear icon (upper right) in each, then Manage License.
  • For the pool - simply shut down, migrate the physical drives to the new one, boot up and install Drivepool.  It will see the prior pool drives, and re-create a new pool using them automatically. 
  • Then just reactivate both pieces of software on the new system using the activation key(s) you own.  Click the gear icon (upper right) in each, then Manage License.


If you are also using Clouddrive:

  • Detach the drives, deactivate the license, install on new system, activate the license or trial and attach the drives.  (per a quote from Christopher)


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